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Metal Gear Online's Cloaked In Silence DLC has a release date

So shhhh, but Cloaked In Silence, the latest expansion for Metal Gear Online, is coming on March 15. What? I was being Quiet, just like you can be in this DLC. Priced at €3.99/$4, Cloaked In Silence adds on three new multiplayer maps. Coral Complex is a "dedicated Motherbase environment" that lets you get into tall towers and use storage containers for cover, Rust Palace is an Afghanistan based zone and Azure Mountain is a outdoor area with derelict buildings and a massive rock known as The Cradle Of Spirits. If I didn't know it was a rock, I'd say it sounds comfortable.

This is the first time that you'll be able to play as Quiet too and she's got unique abilities. Where other players would need a ladder, Quiet can jump over high steps and can also temporarily become invisible (handy) while sprinting. Cloaked In Silence also includes what Metal Gear Online is calling 'appeal actions' and we know better as emotes. These can, of course, be bought in the online store and up to five can be added to each character.

On the 15th, all MGO players will get a new competitive mission regardless of whether you buy the DLC or not. Sabotage sees attacker attempting to destroy an enemy missile before the end of the round by hacking terminals and deactivating an EM barrier. Obviously, defenders are in place to try and make sure that doesn't happen. Ok, you can stop whispering now.

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Louise Blain

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