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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Amulet pieces location guide

Chapter 2-1: Roots

Amulet Piece #4:
When you first use the branch to detach and push to jump up the ledge, you will immediately come to a path that goes up and down with a red vine patch below. Choose down and go through the opening to reach a small cave down a rope. Pull out the block on the left and enter the next room where the piece is. To get there, you will need to draw a curved branch and then drag it over to the far left. Climb up on the branch there and hop over to the right. Jump upwards to the branch above and then draw another branch directly below which angles upwards to reach the piece.

Chapter 2-2: Into the Wild

Amulet Piece #5:
When you pass the henchman that you need to crush with the falling platform, you will come to a large gap with red vines at the bottom. Draw out a branch from the right and jump down to it and you will then see the piece on the far right. Draw out the branch from the right to reach it.

Chapter 2-3: Father Oak

Amulet Piece #6:
When you reach the slow motion scene and need to jump from the first vine that breaks to the second, hang from it and then climb to the top of it. Wait there and you will then see the piece high above with two options to draw out from. Draw out the branch on the left and then attach a vine. Cut the vine so that it flops down across from you and then jump to grab it. Climb up to the branch and then draw another vine down to the branch and jump to it. Climb up and then cut the vine at the branch. Swing back and forth now until you can reach the piece.

Chapter 2-4: Tomb of the Giants

Amulet Piece #7:
When you are in the large cave with the 5 skull pillars, make your way up to the top left where you will find another skull you need to bring down. In the upper section of the right side will be the piece. To reach it, you will need to climb up the left section where the other skull and eye are and draw out the branch on the right side. Then draw out the vine on the right side and connect them. Cut the end not attached to the branch and then hop down and climb up the vine. Hop over to the platform on the right and then draw the branch leading upwards. Draw another vine to connect to it and then climb up and grab the piece.

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