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Lost Planet - single player hands-on

But none of these weapons hold a candle to the devastating Vital Suits; mechanized combat platforms that generally come with at least one heavy weapon attached (and you can pick up more if you happen to find them). If you're not totally enthused with the semi-clunky controls of the Vital Suits, you can always jump out and tear the giant cannon from its moorings and lug it around without all the extra armor.

Aside from the sweet load-out of pain-throwers, the gameplay is your standard run and gun, camera-over-the-shoulder affair... with a few little touches to keep you from getting bored. Chief among these is the grappling hook, which isn't essential for getting most places, but gives you an extra tool to fiddle around with while trying to get into all the nooks and crannies of a particular level. One miniscule gripe we had was that we noted one location where the grappling hook was barely enough to get us where we needed to go (and it had to be aimed just right in order to get the jump perfect), and it ended up frustrating us for almost ten full minutes until we found the exact right outcropping to attach it to. Still, it's a small price to pay for what is undoubtedly among the coolest features ever added to any game - all hail the grappling hook.