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Legends Of The Guardians teaser online

There just aren’t enough movies that feature warrior owls fighting in slow-mo to the rockin' sound of 30 Seconds To Mars.

Hand it to Watchmen director Zack Snyder for filling that gap in the market, then.

It feels like Watchmen only busted onto our screens yesterday, but already the director has taken flight with another bold project. This one’s a CGI adaptation of the children’s book series Guardians Of Ga’Hoole .

The trailer for the film, renamed Legends Of The Guardians , just hit the interweb (and will be attached to the newly-released Alice In Wonderland ). Give it a looksy below.

Featuring the voices of Sam Neill, Abbie Cornish, Helen Mirren and Geoffrey Rush, Guardians is the tale of Soren, a young barn owl who is kidnapped and taken to an orphanage called St Aegolius’, where young owls are brainwashed into becoming soldiers.

Soren and his friends escape, and prepare to do battle with their captors, the evil rulers of the orphanage.

Call us suckers for the slow-mo, but this trailer is both visually arresting and cool as ice (fitting as the visuals were overseen by the guys behind Happy Feet ).

We never thought we’d say that we’re excited for a film about battling owls, but there it is. Come 15 October, we’ll be hooting along in the front row with the rest of them.

Think this'll get you 'owling at the screen for all the right reasons?

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