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Lara Croft's secret you won't find in the games: she loves Jaffa Cakes

What's the snack of choice for a woman on the go (and by "on the go" I mean "exploring deadly, ancient tombs while being chased by a heavily armed secret society")? Jaffa Cakes.

Rhianna Pratchett, lead writer of the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, co-writer of the Tomb Raider comic series from Dark Horse, and team writer on Rise of the Tomb Raider revealed during a recent GamesRadar+ How It's Done livestream that Lara Croft is a bit of a fan of the chocolate-covered mini-sponge cakes topped orange-flavored jelly, and the treats have become something of an Easter egg for fans to find.

"They were going to be mentioned in the game, and then the scene got cut," Pratchett explained. "I told Gail Simone [co-writer of the comics] about them and so she started putting Jaffa Cakes in the comics." It's true! Take a look below, though don't mind Lara's face - she's not repulsed by the snack, she's stressed about something else.

Jaffa Cakes may be plentiful in the UK, but they're somewhat rare to find elsewhere in the world. So if you uncover one in your daily adventures, be like Lara and raid away. And if you enjoy them, now you know you're in good company.

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Sam Prell
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