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Kojima shows off the power of Death Stranding's Decima engine

Even before it was announced, people were curious what engine Hideo Kojima's next game would use. Now that it's been revealed that Death Stranding will be using a modified version of Guerrilla Games' Decima engine, fans are wondering about its capabilities. Kojima, in his infinite-yet-mad wisdom, decided a reconstruction of the company's board room was the best way to show what the Kojima Productions version of Decima can do.

Of course, it's a board room filled with strange, spherical objects, a well-dressed Guillermo del Toro holding a pod baby, and a tank covered in giant giblets, but I assume that's just what it looks like naturally:

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Kojima also posted pictures of the Game Awards 2016 trailer environment to prove it was in-engine footage we saw (unlike the E3 2016 trailer, which was not in-engine):

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But my personal favorite, since I have such a fan crush on Dr. Lecter, is the in-engine (but without texture) model of Mads Mikkelsen. Such a handsome guy:

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Kojima likened his studio's collaboration with Guerrilla Games to the evolution of the space program, and called the modified version of Decima a rocket that would take them farther than anything before:

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A bit dramatic, but that's always been Kojima's style. And hey, I'll take any Death Stranding info I can get, even if it involves a man with a stitched together face standing in a virtual board room, holding a pod baby that may or may not be from another dimension.

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