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Karen O and Lara C team up for official Rise of the Tomb Raider song

Long ago, bards strummed their lutes, sang, and told tales of fabled heroes. Nowadays we have Karen O, lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, singing a tune about Lara Croft's journey from inexperienced but tenacious survivor to a legendary explorer. A rise of the tomb raider (opens in new tab), if you will.

The lyrics are … a bit on the simple side: "They'll know my name, after the storms are passing through. They'll know my name, when they've forgotten all about you. (Repeat) They're calling out, they're calling out my name. (Repeat) And I shall rise oh well I shall rise, again and again. (Repeat x5)." The song, in case you couldn't guess, is called "I Shall Rise."

Unlike our digital heroine who climbs sheer mountain faces with ease, I'm going to guess this song probably won't climb very high on the Billboard charts. That being said, it fits the solemn and solitary mood of Lara's adventures, and at least its tone is a better match for the character than "Elevation (opens in new tab)" by U2, from the Tomb Raider movie.

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