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Karen Gillan Interview Taster

The new SFX has a major interview with Karen Gillan, aka, Doctor Who ’s Amy Pond, and here’s a special preview snippet

Has Amy changed since you got the role or did she arrive fully formed?
“It was strange. The first audition I did I didn’t even know the character’s name or anything about her. I think they were quite specific and they knew what they wanted and were just waiting for the right girl who had all the components. But then for my second audition I got to read the first episode, so I kind of got the feel for her. It was a very scary audition, but fun. It was really weird that day, with the recall. I read with Matt and it did go really well, but I’m quite hard on myself anyway, so I was kind of in a weird daze afterwards. I didn’t really think I was going to get it, because it’s so far-fetched – it’s Doctor Who! But then I found out on the same day, which was really good. It put me out of my misery!”

How important was it for you to keep your Scottish accent for the role of Amy?
“I actually auditioned for it in both an English accent and a Scottish accent, and after I was cast they still weren’t sure if Amy was going to be English or Scottish. Obviously Steven Moffat’s Scottish, and we just decided that she could be Scottish. But it was really nice to be able to do it in my own accent, because it’s obviously something I feel more comfortable doing, and I think it really suits her.”

How would you describe Amy’s dress sense?
“I had a lot of input in how she appears physically, with hair and make-up and what she wears. I think she’s got this inner confidence and she’s this sassy girl so doesn’t have to wear baggy clothes. Maybe she can wear stuff that shows a bit of skin from time to time, because she’s got the confidence to do that. Everyone in the team and the costume designer really took on what I had to say about it, and we worked together, in collaboration.”

And do you think that is a confidence you have yourself?
“I would say Amy is more sassy than I am. Watching myself on screen is a bit cringey. It’s like hearing your voice on one of these!” [points at dictaphone]

Check out the complete interview in the new issue of SFX , on sale 5 May.