Kane's Wrath: We quiz the developers

With Command & Conquer 3 expansion pack Kane's Wrath out in a scant few weeks, we thought it'd be a perfect time to pin down the devs and quiz them on this newest C&C outing. Y'know, with important questions like what's new, how well it works on a 360 pad and whether Kane could biff GDI big-cheese General Jack Granger.

So we got hold of Jim Vessella, associate producer for C&C Kane's Wrath, and prised the answers out of him using ruthless techniques like, well, email. Here's what he told us...

Why do you think Kane is such a popular character?

How could he not be? Ever since his introduction he’s become a legend in our universe and we give a lot of credit to Joe Kucan and the tremendous job he does as Kane.

What influences or decisions led to the creation of Global Conquest mode?

It definitely has some of its roots in the War of the Ring mode in Battle for Middle Earth 2, but it’s a major improvement over what players may have seen in the past.First off, the world is no longer sliced up into territories, thus players have much more freedom as to where they construct bases and position their Strike Forces.

Bases can be upgraded and enhanced, increasing their economic benefit and unlocking an arsenal of Global Conquest specific support powers.Strike Forces are completely customizable, allowing players to create that perfect combination for each situation.Each faction also has both exclusive and alternate victory conditions, which adds for even more replayability to the feature. We’re hoping players will find the Global Conquest Mode a great addition to Kane’s Wrath.