Kane's Wrath: We quiz the developers

How will the new sub-factions fit into the gameplay?

The sub-factions will bring additional depth and diversity to the game, with each sub-faction feeling unique from both a gameplay and fiction perspective.In order to differentiate the sub-factions, each comes with their own exclusive or modified units, along with unique upgrades and powers.

All these adjustments are meant to cater to a specific play-style, allowing our fans to really find an army that’s best for them. Additionally, the single player campaign will allow you to play against each one of the subfactions, thus creating a unique gameplay experience with nearly every mission. We’ve also brought in community testers to help balance and tune the sub-factions, so you can expect some awesome strategies and combinations in multiplayer.

Is there any way Kane could make an appearance in Command & Conquer: Tiberium?

That’s something you’ll have to ask the Tiberium team!

If you could set a C&C game in any period of history, what would it be?

I think the range of C&C games spanning from Red Alert to Generals to Tiberium really proves this formula can be used in any time period. As long as we stay true to our roots in terms of the gameplay, I think you can make an argument that anything would work!

So, finally, the biggie. Who would win in a bare knuckle fist fight between General Jack Granger and Kane?

I think Michael Ironside has been in a few more on-stage fistfights than Joe. That being said, we know Kane always has a trick up his side and he doesn’t mind fighting dirty.