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iPhone game of the day: Charadium Pro

Game: Charadium Pro
Price: £1.79/$2.99
Size: 6.2MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store

Some games are just a perfect fit for iPhone/iTouch and this is one such game. Using the device's internet connectivity, you can playthis drawing/word guessinggame over the net with your friends and family. There are five colours to choose from as you draw your object and a huge catalogue of nouns to play with.

There is a free version, which does have a lot of advertisements cluttering up the screen, so we'd recommend the full version. You'll also need to sign up to Plus+ which is similar to OpenFeint, in order to play the game. This does let you keep track of your friends, though - which is important as the public lobbies are sadly full of griefers. Honestly, quite why you'd write the word people are trying guess is beyond us...

Above: Cup. It's cup, isn't it? CUP! Oh, 'bag'. Could've drawn Master Chief...

07 Jul, 2010