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Hurricane Sandy cancels Assassin's Creed III GameStop midnight events

In the path of Hurricane Sandy, trying to decide whether to brave 90 mph winds and crashing tides for Assassin's Creed III's midnight launch? First off, seriously? Games aren't much fun when you're trapped in a submerged car. Second off, if you were planning to go to GameStop, the company's already made that call.

Kotaku reports the video game retail franchise plans to comply with directives from state and local authorities, and that "stores in the path of the storm will remain closed until it is safe to re-open and midnight openings for Assassin's Creed III have been cancelled in the northeast."

GameStop advises customers to contact their local stores to find out if they're closing and when they plan to re-open. We've requested comment from Best Buy, which had similarly planned midnight openings at some of its stores, and will update this article if and when we hear back.

Connor Sheridan
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