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Humankind gameplay trailer reveals the avatar system and combat

Humankind, the new game from the developers of the Endless series, is putting a new face on historical civilization-building games - or many new faces. Amplitude Studios revealed at The Game Awards today that Humankind will let players create their own customizable avatars to represent their growing civilization. So far, so video games, but the cool part is that the avatar you create in the Bronze Age will change right along with your people as they careen toward modernity.

The achievements you earn, the choices you make in developing your culture, and your overall playstyle will gradually alter what your avatar looks like. Avatars even have their own progression system that lets you unlock more custom looks. Naturally, you can show your semi-historical personage off while you're taking on others in online multiplayer as well. It's a much more personal touch than being the thousandth Joan of Arc or Genghis Khan that somebody battles.

The first gameplay trailer for Humankind also reveals a brief look at the game's tactical combat on land and in the sea. Did you know that a bunch of musketeers stationed on a hill tended to have an advantage over unsuspecting spearmen on the flatland below? It's a historical fact. Whether by conquest or more diplomatic avenues, you'll be able to create your own distinct civilization from bits and pieces of as many as 60 historical cultures. Humankind is still set to arrive on PC some time in 2020.

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