Hollywood stars you didn't know were involved with Xbox One

Of all the announcements at the Xbox One reveal, the news that legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg would be making a TV series based on Halo was one of the most surprising.

"For me, the Halo universe is an amazing opportunity to be at that intersection where technology and myth-making meet," said the director about the series. Spielberg is known to be a gamer, so expect the series to be faithful to the famously complex Halo mythology.

Michael K. Williams

Elsewhere on Xbox One, DICE’s Battlefield 4 stars the talented Michael K. Williams, who’s perhaps best known as charismatic stick-up man Omar Little from HBO’s acclaimed crime drama, The Wire . Williams also appears in Boardwalk Empire as Chalky White, and played a role in John Hillcoat’s The Road . In Battlefield he plays Kimble ‘Irish’ Graves, a battle-hardened US Marine from New York City.

Brandon Routh

Activison’s Call Of Duty: Ghosts also has an all-star cast, featuring Brandon Routh as David ‘Hesh’ Walker, who played Superman in Bryan Singer’s reboot, Superman Returns , and Kevin Gage as Gabriel Rourke, who played psychotic mercenary Waingro in Michael Mann’s Heat. Composer David Buckley provides the score, whose film work includes Ben Afflek’s The Town .

Kiefer Sutherland

Konami’s long-awaited fifth Metal Gear Solid sequel, The Phantom Pain , has recast its lead role. Snake is now played by Hollywood veteran Kiefer Sutherland, replacing long-time voice actor David Hayter. "We're taking on some heavy subjects, like race and revenge," says series creator, writer, and director Hideo Kojima. "As a result, I wanted Snake to have a more subdued performance expressed through subtle facial movements and tone of voice, rather than words."

Clark Gregg

The latest in the much-loved series of Lego games, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, sees actor Clark Gregg once again reprising his role as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, after playing the character in Iron Man , Iron Man 2 , Thor , Avengers Assemble , and TV series Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. The game will also feature a cameo appearance from Marvel mastermind Stan Lee himself, as the films often do.

Peter Dinklage

The newest game from Bungie, creators of the Halo series, is Destiny , an ambitious multiplayer-focused shooter set in a compelling sci-fi/fantasy world. The full cast has yet to be revealed, but it was recently revealed that Peter Dinklage, famous for his role as Tyrion Lannister in HBO’s world-conquering Game Of Thrones , would be voicing a character known as a Ghost in the game.

As the video games industry has grown, so has its ability to net A-list talent – and this generation is no different. The actors above are from only a small handful of announced Xbox One games. Expect to see more famous actors and filmmakers appearing on your console in the coming years.