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Long-awaited co-op mode headed for GTA Online

Combover-rocking Machiavellian Lester Crest puts it best: “I know you’ve been complaining, but you weren’t ready.” GTA Online (opens in new tab) players have been screaming out for co-op heists since the game launched on PS3, and they’re about to get them at last. Lester appears in a trailer showcasing the substantial new content, along with a few hints as to how it’ll actually all fit together.

And just for the record, Lester: we were ready the whole time. As Rockstar North admits, the delay actually came down to finding heist structures that keep all four players feeling like they’re at the centre of the action at all times. It’s no fun to simply sit in the getaway car for ten minutes while the rest of your crew mucks around grabbing all those precious stones.

Much like their story mode counterparts, GTA Online heists are multi-stage affairs that require setup missions before taking on the score itself. To take on a job, every member of the four-strong crew must be at level 12, and at least one must have a high-end apartment with space for a planning board.

Crews will also need to designate a heist leader, who has pros and cons to their position. Pro: Lester contacts them directly with heists, and they’re able to decide everyone’s cut. Con: they have to personally front the cash for setup missions. With five unique scores involving over 20 missions, there’s more than 20 hours of content inbound for you and your nefarious collectives. We’re calling shotgun on heist leader now.

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