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Halo: Reach is developer Bungie's last Halo for at least 10 years

Now THAT’S an explosion. In aninterview with Joystiq, Halo: Reach’s lead multiplayer designer, Lars Bakken, dropped an atomic bomb. Developer Bungie’s time on the Halo franchise is coming to an end… at least for now.

“This is our last Halo Bungie game…maybe ten years down the line we’ll decide to make another Halo game, but for now, yes. This is it for us,” said Bakken.

With the Halo franchise being one of the first defining factors in popularizing online console multiplayer and tea-bagging, this is sad, shocking news; however, with Reach being the 9 bazillionth iteration in the Halo series, it makes sense that Bungie would be ready to move on. And we have to say the Bungie-handled era of the series definitely seems to be going off with abang.

Of course, publisher Microsoft owns the Halo franchise, so it could very easily just hand the “makin’ more Halos” duties off to another developer. For instance, publisher Activision currently has two, if not three different developers working on Call of Duty games, just to ensure there’s a new one every holiday season.

Feel free to share optimistic thoughts on the future of Halo and Bungie with your fellow GamesRadar-ites in the comments section. Or howl your fanboy contempt. Whatever.

Apr 21, 2010