Halo 3 March playlist update

Let's hear a round of applause for Bungie, who continues to tweak Halo 3's multiplayer game to be the best it can. The dev has given full details on its March playlist update if you're still mad for it.

"The March playlist update to Halo 3 features a number of tweaks to the matchmaking experience (more on those later) and the introduction of DoubleXP Weekend playlists as well as some tweaks to the DLC playlists.

"We're introducing two Weekend Hoppers DoubleXP playlists this month, with the first hopper launching Thursday, March 6 at noon," says the latest Bungie update (hitthis linkfor the full report).

The Heroic DLC has also undergone some revisions. "The hopper has been split into DLC Slayer (4v4) and DLC Objective (6v6) featuring a mix of various gametypes on the DLC maps. Slayer variants include Team Snipers, Team Rockets, Team BRs, Team Duel and Team Duals. Objective variants include Multi Flag CTF, Multi Flag BR, One Flag, Assault, Neutral Bomb Assault and Team King."

It's just a shame that the hardcore players left populating the servers are nothing but foul-mouthed, racist, homophobic children. But that's not something Bungie can easily fix.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 6, 2008