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Gotham City Impostors attacks XBLA, PSN and PC January 10

In an age when seemingly every game has to have multiplayer, we loved that Batman: Arkham City was proudly single player. But if you were dying for some online fun with fellow lovers of the Dark Knight, there's a late X-Mas present coming next January just for you. Gotham City Impostors will go on sale for XBLA, PC, and PSN starting next January 10.

A first person shooter that puts you in the role of homicidal Batman pretenders or Joker wannabes, Gotham City Impostors intends to make its mark by being comically violent in a way the more serious Bat games can't be. It's developed by Monolith (FEAR), and at this year's PAX Prime we enjoyed it. Still, we hope the rumors of people being let go at the developer isn’t a bad sign for the title’s quality. Though WB didn’t go into specifics, January 10 is a Tuesday meaning it'll hit PSN that day and we’re betting Impostors will appear on XBLA January 11.

Henry Gilbert
Henry moved from the suburbs of northern Florida to work at GR+, and hasn't looked back once in seven years. When not collecting Mario toys, you can find him constantly checking his Twitter.