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Goosebumps returns to Fever Swamp for limited comic book series

IDW will publish a new Goosebumps comic book limited series this September – and the story will return to a classic Goosebumps title. Scheduled for five monthly issues, Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp will return to Fever Swamp, as in 'The Werewolf of Fever Swamp', the fourteenth novel in R.L. Stine's original Goosebumps series.

(Image credit: IDW Publishing)

Secrets of Fever Swamp will delve into the mythos around the spooky swamp, centering on Blake, a 12-year-old girl who finds herself caught in a struggle between werewolves and werewolf killers.

The series is written by Marieke Nijkamp with art from Yasmin Flores Montanez and colors by Rebecca Nalty.

(Image credit: IDW Publishing)

"I have fond memories of Goosebumps terrifying me as a kid, and I'm thrilled to get to play around in Fever Swamp now. Secret is a story all about finding your place in a new town, figuring out who your friends are, and dealing with the deadly monsters that lurk in the shadows. With Yasmin bringing the characters to life in such a wonderful way, I hope you'll get caught in its snare too. Of course, in Fever Swamp, all secrets have sharp teeth, so best be careful you don't get bitten," says Nijkamp in the series announcement.

"I’ve wanted to work with Marieke for a long time, and I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re doing a Goosebumps book together," adds co-editor Chase Marotz, who will edit alongside Elizabeth Brej. "Secrets of the Swamp captures the same magic of the stories that terrified and delighted me as a kid, and I think everyone’s going to love the book that she, Yasmin, and Rebecca are creating."

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