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Google gets invaded in StarCraft tribute

Google has provided interwebbers with another video game homage on its homepage today, but before we point you in the direction of its special StarCraft treat, we recommend you wrap up any work or familial commitments you have to attend to before the weekend.

Done? Perfect. Now head to the Google homepage, and enter “Zerg Rush” into the search bar. The code prompts a browser-based mini-game wherein players must click-kill an army of Google “O's” before they gobble up the main screen. As an added bonus, Google has included a score tracking widget to ensure this is the last and only thing you'll be doing all day.

Lest we forget, Google recently issued a love letter to gamers with this playable April Fools joke:

Google has a history of dropping video game references throughout its front page. This month, it transformed its Google Map service into the aforementioned Dragon Warrior tribute, and last May it honored Pac-Man's 30th anniversary with a playable logo. Sure, we may one day be pledging allegiance to our all-knowing Google overlords, but as long as they keep doing stuff like this, we're kind of cool with that.

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