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How to find all 51 God of War Eyes of Odin ravens and earn the Allfather Blinded trophy

Iron Cove

God of War - Iron Cove map

There’s a single raven chirping at the Iron Cove area to the west of The Lake of Nine.

VIDEO: 13.28 - 13.53

1. For the Shores of Nine Eyes of Odin, head over to the left hand Iron Cove dock and climb the two platforms. Then head right, climb the little boat wreck that’s there and there’s a raven circling to your left.


God of War - Wildwoods map

When you’ve got the chisel and can access the Hidden Chambers of Odin, go back to the Wildwoods, where there’s just the one raven to find. 

VIDEO: 13.53 - 14.09 

1. Don’t even worry about trying to find the Eyes of Odin in Wildwoods until you hit the later stages of the game. It’s hidden away in Wildwood’s Hidden Chamber of Odin, circling around the big tree in the centre. 


God of War - Alfheim map

Hopping from realm to realm is no problem for an Eye of Odin, hence why you’ll find two ravens in Alfheim. 

VIDEO: 14.09 - 14.43

1. Head to the Light Elf Santuary in Alfheim, and right where you pull your boat up to the dock, there’s a raven lurking to your left on the marble statue. 

2. Inside the Hidden Chamber of Odin in Alfheim, there’s another raven hiding. It’s just up to the left as you enter the Valkyrie arena.


God of War - Helheim map

Helheim seems like the most obvious place to find the Eyes of Odin. That’s probably why there are six of them here. 

VIDEO: 14.43 - end

1. Through the area before the big doors in Helheim, climb up onto the first central platform and head right. Explode the sap barrier, treat yourself to a chest or two and then smash the raven sitting just above the red one. 

2. From the same central area as the previous raven, head over to the second central platform and then head over to the left. Shot down the red sap door, and there’s the raven right before the entrance to the Hidden Chamber of Odin. 

3. There’s another Eye of Odin hiding in the Hidden Chamber of Odin itself, although it’s sneaky because it’s actually not in the central arena. Head up to the upper level, and it’s in the rafters above the window. 

4. When you reach the lowest area of Helheim over to the left - you know the place, with all its glowing statues - climb down the platform into the lower circle. And then climb up the wall in front of you. But before you go down the tunnel, turn to your left and spot the raven on the rocks.

5. In the same area with the glowing statues, there’s another raven. It’s across the lowest section to the right of the platform, circling in the abyss. 

6. On your way back down to Brok’s Shop in Helheim, you’ll have to run down a long bridge. About halfway down there’s a big circular gold structure and inside the ring at the top is a raven. 

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