How to find all 51 God of War Eyes of Odin ravens and earn the Allfather Blinded trophy

Are you really trying to find all the God of War Eyes of Odin ravens? There are 51 of them hidden all over God of War and while the noise they make helps you track them down they can be tricky to actually find. If only there was a God of War Eyes of Odin ravens guide to help you. Wait a minute...!

There are two bonuses to finding all the God of War ravens: firstly you'll never have to hear that noise again, and secondly there's Allfather Blinded trophy as well. Vital if you're going for the platinum. Follow our guide and well show where to find every single one. 

Before you start heading off into the wildnerness looking for green ravens, there’s a trick to finding them, and it’s all in the noise. Listen out for their distinctive calls and you’ll know that a raven isn’t too far away. Of course, we’ve already found them all and can tell you exactly how to find  Here’s where to find all 51 God of War Eyes of Odin and earn yourself that trophy. But don’t worry if you miss any as you go through the story, they’re all accessible after the credits roll too. And don’t forget to listen out for their distinctive calls and you’ll know that a raven isn’t too far away.

River Pass

God of War - The River Pass map

The first area that you can find the ravens as you progress through the story is the River Pass. In this large area there are a whopping six ravens to find. There is one in the Wildwoods too, but you won’t be able to access it until later in the game when you have the chisel. 

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1. The game will naturally lead you to your very first raven, perched on some rocks just before the bridge where you meet Brok for the first time. 

2. In the area where you battle the second troll is basically a big rib cage, with the rib bones rising high into the air. The raven is atop the back right rib.

3. In the stone tunnel after you beat the ogre in the centre of the River Pass is an incredibly well-hidden raven. He’s up the very top of the tall stone stack, almost invisible against the sunlight.

4. In the burnt out, destroyed little village at the end of the River Pass trail is another Eye of Odin, perched on the roof of the first house on the right.

5. In the Witch’s Woods, up on the platform where the Nornir chest is located is an Eye of Odin, squawking away on a rocky outcrop.

6. The sixth and final River Pass Eye of Odin is actually inside the Hidden Chamber of Odin, just to the right of the Witch’s Wood on the map. Inside the chamber itself, the raven is seated on a small pillar in the wall. 


God of War - Foothills map

Over in the Foothills at the base of the mountain are two more Eyes of Odin. 

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1. In the Foothills own Hidden Chamber of Odin, right on the edge of the water to the very south of the map is another raven. It’s just inside the archway above the area with the Mystical Gateway.

2. At the top of the lift that takes you from the Foothills to the base of the mountain is another Raven, sat high on the cliffs right behind the lift station.

The Mountain

God of War - The Mountain map

Next it’s off to The Mountain, where there are four Eyes of Odin ravens hiding in amongst the rocks. 

VIDEO: 2.39 - 3.54

1. In the area through the door to the right of the stag statue there’s a raven. Follow the path all the way along until you reach the spinning Nornir rune totem(?) then turn around to spot the raven lurking on the wooden struts beneath the bridge.

2. Through the tunnel to the left of the central area at the bottom of the mountain with the lift, is another Eye of Odin, circling around doing it’s thing and near impossible to hit.

3. In the area where you find the giant block for the lift in the heart of the mountain, head up to the platform by the gold chain. The raven is clearly visible nestled in the wooden struts. 

4. Just inside the Mountain’s Hidden Chamber of Odin where the Valkyrie waits is a raven sitting on the edge of the wall to the left.

Shores of Nine

God of War - Shores of Nine map

Back at the Lake of Nine, there’s just one raven in the huge area of the Shores of Nine itself, but there are others lurking at specific points on the map around the Lake of Nine. But more on that later.

VIDEO: 3.54 - 4.14

1. Head over to the top of the Niflheim Realm Tower. Over on the right hand side you’ll be able to see a boat where a raven is hanging out. Go smash.

Lookout Tower

God of War - Lookout Tower map

Over at the Lookout Tower to the south of the Lake of Nine, there’s just the one raven. 

VIDEO: 4.14 - 4.54

1. From the Lookout Tower dock climb to the topmost platform, moving the spikes as you go. From here you’ll see a raven circling in the sky, and he’s a bit of a pain to hit. Keep moving along the platform until you get an angle that works for you. Hopefully it’s not as much as a Nightmare for you. 

Cliffs of Raven

God of War - Cliff of the Raven map

There’s another raven over at the Cliffs of the Raven to the south east of the Lake of Nine.

VIDEO: 4.54 - 5.11

1. From the giant’s corpse on the Cliffs of Raven, head up the gold chain behind it. When you’re on the platform look back out towards the Lake of Nine and you’ll see a Raven on the rocks opposite.