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Ghost Rider revealed

Despite the fact that it’s a favourite to be bumped from this year’s Sony summer schedule, the promotion for Marvel comic adap Ghost Rider is gathering pace.

The first glimpse of Nicolas Cage as the bike-bound baddie-stopper is now up on the official site – click here to view it. It’s only a ten second teaser but it should be enough to quench the thirst of all you impatient and salivating Ghosties out there.

Ghost Rider follows the adventures of former stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who forsakes his soul to become a flaming skull headed vigilante. Blaze dedicates himself to stopping the evil Blackheart (American Beauty’s Wes Bentley) who also happens to be the son of the devil.

The movie also stars Tinseltown journeymen Sam Elliot and Peter Fonda. As we reported last week , the leather bound flick is now looking down the nose of an early 2007 release.

Source: ( Sony )