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GameStop shopper finds dead cockroaches in his games

If you plan on heading to the GameStop at the Eastgate Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio, you might want to inspect the game boxes before you take them to the register. One customer claims to have found dead roaches inside the cases of three of the pre-owned games he purchased.

A forum user known asgargusposted a pretty disturbing photo of a GameCubecase with two dead cockroaches jammed in the top corners. Additonally, a few cockroach legs tumbled out of the case as he opened it, and the other two games he bought that day were similarly infested. Wow, all three games? Either this is an alarmingly infected store or one disgusting gamer happened to trade in all three of the games that gargus happened to buy that day.

Gargussaid he called the store and was told, "Well the games work don't they?" He then dialed a customer service number and was told, "Well that shouldn't be, but we will certainly pass your comments a long to the district manager of that store, can I help you with anything else?"

If this went down the way gargus claims, that's pretty poor behavior on GameStop's part. Several GR writers spent their college days toiling at retail, yet even in those jobs we held a certainstandard of cleanliness and presentation, and we hear the same sentiment echoed by readers who work there today- games matter, dammit!Opening a game - no matter how old or cheap - to find any remnants of a dead creature is a pretty horrific. There's also a chance gargus has a stash of roaches on hand and wanted to make GameStop look quite the fool, but uh, surely everyone in the world has better things to do.

That said, it's worth pointing out gargus implies he hasn't been to GameStop in years, yet the receipt in his picture shows he has an active PowerUp Rewards Pro account, which costs $15 per year and requires going to the store to activate or renew. Perhaps it's a sibling's or a friend's account? Also...why is he buying Darkened Skye and Mystic Heroes? Just sayin'!

[Source:The Consumerist]

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Mar 2, 2011