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Full trailer for Rob Zombies The Lords Of Salem

The first full trailer for Rob Zombie’s The Lords Of Salem has found its way online over at iTunes Movie Trailers .

Following on from a sparse, image-led teaser, the full trailer gives a slightly better idea of what to expect from the plot. Not much of an idea, mind.

Lords follows Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie) as she slowly begins to twig on to a host of spooky happenings.

It all comes down to a coven of 300-year-old witches besieging the titular town after decades of slumber (apparently there’s a “war waging in heaven”). Being a radio DJ, Heidi assists the rebirth of the ‘Lords’ by playing their mysterious record on air.

It’s not yet clear if she’ll stand in their way, or give birth to the latest incarnation of the devil.

Watch the trailer in full on iTunes Movie Trailers .

While some of the acting looks questionable, there’s certainly some arresting imagery on display, and the legends of Salem are always ripe for revisiting.

The Lords Of Salem opens on a limited US release on 26 April 2013, with no UK release currently pencilled in.