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Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection coming to PSP

After already putting Final Fantasy I and II out for the PSP, Final Fantasy IV (originally released in theWest as FFII) is next on Square Enix's re-release docket.

Complete with updated graphics and audio, the Final Fantasy IV re-release will be sure to please any Final Fantasy historian, and it packs in something extra. The PSP remake will include the "sequel" to FFIV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Originally released as a WiiWare game in Japan, The After Years is a new game developed as a direct expansion to the original SNES game from 1991.

That WiiWare game will be ported over the PSP and seamlessly integrated into the original FFIV game to offer the complete story on one UMD disc.

In addition to coming over to the PSP, Final Fantasy IV has already been re-released on the PS1, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii, and even the WonderSwan Color. It's a miracle Square Enix even has time on its hands to do anything original these days.

And yes, I'll say it - if Square keeps wanting to remake its classic games, when are we going to see Final Fantasy VII on the PS3? I know, I know, that ship has sailed, but I'll never stop hoping.

Final Fantasy IV is coming to the PSP in Japan in spring. There's no word yet on a Western release date.


Dec 13, 2010