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Fallout Shelter has birthed 82 million babies. Let the diapers blot out the sun.

Did you know that about one in three Vault Dwellers dies while exploring the Wasteland? It's true! Bethesda has released an infographic compiling data from two months of Fallout Shelter, and it reveals some interesting (and unsettling) trends in Vault maintenance.

Players have collectively spent nearly 30 million hours in the game across more than a billion play sessions. During that time, they've made 85,391,869 vaults (just try fitting that number on a vault door) and had a combined total of nearly 240 million fires and rad roach infestations. You wouldn't think it that difficult to keep a high-tech underground facility from catching fire, but maybe we should take it easy on that Rush button…

Expect those numbers to start climbing even higher now that Fallout Shelter is finally on Android. At least until all life as we know it goes on hold once Fallout 4 comes out in November.

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Connor Sheridan
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