Gimme (Fallout) Shelter - Bethesda's Vault simulator finally comes to Android

Fallout Shelter has come to Android phones and tablets, allowing users of Google's operating system to finally build the Vault of their dreams - provided they can fend off Deathclaws, radroaches, fires, starvation and other hazards of living in a post-nuclear apocalypse. The mobile tie-in to Fallout 4 has new features on iOS devices as well, including the aforementioned Deathclaws and Mr. Handy, a robot companion that can assist you in running your underground civilization. Players will need to update their app on iOS for these additions, but they come standard for Android.

To celebrate the news, I present to you a Fallout Shelter song, to the tune of The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter:" Oh, a Radroach is threat'ning / My very life today / If I don't get Fallout Shelter / Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away / War, children, it's just a tap away / It's just a tap away.

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Sam Prell

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