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Fallout 76 is now live a day early

Fallout 76 is scheduled to release tomorrow and go live at midnight tonight, but it seems Bethesda has started Reclamation Day early. According to numerous reports and our own testing, Fallout 76 servers are now live and the game is fully playable on several platforms in multiple regions. If you played any of the beta sessions, you'll have a tidy head-start since your character carries over into the full game. 

As our sister site PC Gamer reports, you can play Fallout 76 early by starting the game and clicking through to the main menu - past the confusing "We'll see you for launch on Wednesday, November 14" greeting - and selecting "play" as normal. PC servers appear to be live worldwide, and we can confirm both PS4 and Xbox One servers are also live in the UK. We can't speak to the servers in the US, but we've seen reports that things are also starting early stateside. 

Bethesda released a statement discussing the launch and future of Fallout 76 yesterday - not unlike the amusing message sent to fans on the eve of the first beta -  but the studio hasn't officially acknowledged the apparent early launch, so there's no guarantee the servers will stay up. They may be pulled later today and then reactivated at midnight as planned, but for the time being Fallout 76 is perfectly playable. We've reached out to Bethesda for details and will update if we hear anything. 

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Austin Wood

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