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Creepy Fallout 4 glitch briefly re-capitates a raider

You sidle up to the decapitated raider in the corner after clearing out a room full of mooks. The ghastly scene is pretty typical for your adventures in Fallout 4, so you don't spare looting him a second thought. But when you go to pry the shin guard off his leg, something terrible happens. This happens. Oh, God, why does this happen.

Fallout 4 has a surprising number of decapitation bugs, but at least most of the time they have the courtesy to stay headless or headful and not swap around all willy nilly. Though the meaty plop at the end is what really does it. I'm used to piles of gibs, but not when they unexpectedly collapse like a warm Jello casserole. Thank you for that, ProfessorSomething.

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Connor Sheridan
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