Fallout: New Vegas guide

Fallout: New Vegas guide
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If you're looking for Fallout: New Vegas guides then we've got everything covered, from challenges and weapons to companions, builds, and more, plus a selection of tips to help you survive the wasteland.

Fallout: New Vegas guides

Fallout: New Vegas tips

Get New Mods From Shops

Good Springs

when you go in to Chets shop he will have 2 or less mods for weapons. If you buy the mod you want but dont equip it then save the game and load the same profile, talk to him again and he should have different mods and more money.

Unlimited Caps

The Atomic Wrangler

When you have done the mission to get the sexbot Fisto for James Garret. Talk to Fisto and he askes if you would like his "services." Instead of paying 10 caps, say that you have to go and fisto will give you 10 caps. You can do this as much as you like.

Unlimited XP, Stimpacks, Doctor's Bags


You start the mission at the test site at the front and they tell you to go find a scientist to get the power back on. Talk to him and the other scientist too. The other will tell you to turn on the Archemedes gun. Go through the mission all the way untill you find the power box. Instead of helping either of them, overload the power box. If you go back to the guy that told you to turn on the gun he will say thats too bad that you overloaded it and will give you 3 stimpacks and a doctors bag and u will get the couple hundred experience for it. If you talk some more you see the option to tell him you overloaded the power is still there just greyed out. If you press it again you will get all of the stuff again. I have over 400 stimpacks.

Getting Expensive And Rare Weapons

The Silver Rush

When you go into Silver Rush go to the table where all the weapons are. Simply pickup the weapons or ammo of choice by clicking the right analog stick in. Take the weapons or etc. into the bathroom located in the back of the building, drop and pick it up. The guards wont be alerted but you will lose karma. This can be repeated.

Set Enemies On Fire

Okay first off for this to work you need two things, first thing is a weapon called "anti-material rifle" second thing is the incendiary ammo for the rifle. Now that you have those, all you have to do is equip the rifle and ammo, and go find something to kill(that shouldn't be too hard) once you have, target it in V.A.T.S and then exit V.A.T.S and watch the poor sap spontaneously combust into flames, and that's it, you don't even have to shoot. You can do this as many times as you like without any side effects.

Strategic Nuclear Moose

Bootlegger Beer Brewery

If you go to the Bootlegger Beer Brewery, (just west of the Sunset Sarsasparilla HQ)pick the lock and go into the basement, you will find a sign that says this: STRATEGIC NUCLEAR MOOSE, and God said LET THEM HAVE BEER!!!

Free / Infinite Cap Glitch

Go to the town of Primm and complete the "My Kind Of Town" quest. After you complete the quest, wait 3-7 in game days, and the Vikki and Vance Casino will open again. Exchange some Caps for some of the V&V casino's chips. Then re-trade the casino's chips for caps. When you turn the chips in they won’t be removed from your inventory but you’ll get the caps anyway. Repeat for as much money as you want.

Vendor Item Quality Glitch

If a vendor has two identical items, you will receive the higher quality one even if you buy/pay less for the lower quality one.

Free / Infinite XP

A character named Old Ben sits by a fire near The King headquarters in Freeside. If your Speech skill is at least 50 you can persuade him to help the local bar. Once you pass the Speech challenge you’ll get 61 XP. Follow him back to the bar and wait for him to sit down. You can complete the Speech challenge again and again for 61 XP each time.

Toy Gun

Pickpocket Sleeping Boy

Usually, he will sell it to you for an outrageous price. Take it to "a very sunny place" and have it equipped. Press the button and wait. A message will pop up in the top-left corner, saying something about a charge. ALWAYS have this gun with you. When in doubt, aim down the sight, pull the trigger, and watch in amazment. Yep, GIGANTIC solarbeam drops down from the sky, and destroys everything in like a mile radius of where you shot at. This toy gun is actually the Archimedes control.

Unlocking Lily: The Super Mutant

Go to Jacobstown start the quest "Guess Who I Saw Today" After starting the quest you have the option of having Lily join you on the quest. After you ask her if she wants to join and she will.

Unlocking Rex: The King's Dog

After entering Freeside, near the the New Vegas Strip go to the "School of Rock" talk to The King. After you are done talking to The King you will get start the quest "G.I.Blues". After you complete te quest talk to The King again, when he starts talking about how Rex, his dog, is not so well and will ask you to help him get better, starting the quest "Notin' But A Hound Dog". Which will unlock Rex.

Also, completing "Nothin' But A Hound Dog" Rex's attack will do more damage.

Benny's Suit And Maria

At the top of fortification hill. Where Caesars Legion are.

When you finally get the chance to choose how Benny dies kill him yourself, after you kill him you can loot his body and get his suit and a custom 9mm. The suit adds 5+ to your speech and barter skills, and Maria the 9mm does 13 damage, but you can sell it for 1000 caps.

Free Item Repairs

Go to the Mojave Outpost, enter the headquarters, talk to Major Knight and choose "I need repairs" and he will repair anything you need repaired for free.

Secret Hollow Rock Stash Spots


When you're wandering the wasteland and you see a rock with a rocket or bullet shape in a red circle with a line through it, walk up to it and you can search it and occasionally you can find good stuff in there.

All Followers' Locations

Cass -Mojave outpost, south along the roads. Requires a quest to be done first.

Raul -Black Mountain Radio, northwest of the NCRCF (Warning: Nightkin are present)

Gannon -In the old mormon fort, in freeside. (requires either speech skill of 60 or the confirmed bachelor perk.)

Veronica -At the 188 trading post, directly north of el dorado dry lake.

Boone -Novac, requires a quest to be done first.

Lily -Jacobstown, requires a quest to be started.

Rex -Inner Freeside, in the kings' school of inpersonation.

ED -E-Primm, in the mojave express building.


New Vegas

Walk into silver rust in the dump place of new vegas. When you go in you see all the weapons, and some of them goes at the value of almost 7000 bottle caps. Anyway pick up a weapon pressing "z" and take it out to the second toilet at the store, then press "ctrl" to see if your hidden and if you are then take weapon pressing "e".

ED-E Unlimited Weight.

When you fill ED-E's weight capacity to the limit, take something back and you should be able to give him heavier items than those you took out.

Fastest Money And Items Glitch

Infinite money and Items

All you have to do is go to any salesman and hit select wait one hour which will auto save.

Now you want to go memory, hard drive and find the auto save file. Copy it to your memory card. Then go to your memory card and copy back to hard drive.

Now load the game and start. You should be at the salesman. Don't buy sale anything yet. You want to wait one hour...auto save. Now quit and start game. Now this is were you can do the famous money glitch from fallout 3.

Sell or buy anything..Just wait one hour, quit and start over and the salesman's inventory is reset even the money and just repeat the process. you can do this at any salesman. Do the old money cheat and now you don't have to wait.

Fallout: New Vegas Easter eggs

Star Wars Reference

During the quest You'll know it when it happens, Ranger Grant asks you to report what has happened at the top of the guard post when you kill a Legion assassin, one of the dialog options when responding to him is to say "Everything's fine up here, thank you. How are you?." This is a reference to A New Hope, when Han Solo says the same thing while he and Luke Skywalker rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star.

Dino Figurine Souvenir Easter Egg

Novac, in the dino shop

The store owner says that he 'might' have an extra Dino figurine souveneer. Upon opening the back door (With a slight karma hit), you will find too many dino figurines (and those bomb souveneers, too)to count. You can take as many as you want with no karma deduction. He also has about 40-ish more in his house. Not much of an easter egg, but it is a funny joke.

Monty Python Reference

Camp Searchlight

Underneath one of the church houses in Camp Searchlight, there will be a box of 5 holy hand grenades. An obvious reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. WARNING: Camp searchlight is irradiated and you must have the wild wasteland trait.

Aliens Reference


SPOILER ALERT: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! At the battle at Hoover Dam, a radio station named "NCR emergency radio" if you have the Wild Wasteland Perk, you'll hear NCR troopers saying "They're coming out of the walls, they're coming out of the Goddamn walls!" and "Game over, man! Game over!" These are references to the film Aliens.

Blast From The Past

The Mojave Wasteland

In order to find it you go to the Goodsprings Source (located south of Goodsprings). Go near the campfire near the middle of the source, there's a dude wandering around the camp fire talk to him and he'll ask you to go save his girlfriend from Geko at a rig past the broken radio tower. What you do is turn around and you'll see a broken radio tower (obvious) then go up the hill, and instead of taking a right take a left. Keep following the path until there's another hill, go up it and you'll come across a RV. Go inside it and go towards the back near the bed look to the left wall (the one with writing on it) on the floor, and you'll find The Wasteland Survival Guide! You can read it for 2 or 3 survival skill (4 if you have comprehenion perk).

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