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Exclusive Comic-Con toys and collectibles for gamers

Comic-Con isn’t just about comics. As with most geeky conventions, it’s a place for collectors with cash to purchase limited edition collectibles. Check out some of the neat toys and swag that will be exclusively available at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

BioShock 2
Eleanor Lamb figure

Price: $20.00
Production Run: 2,000

Gears of War 3
Jace Stratton figure

Price: $20.00
Production Run: 2,000

Dr. Manhattan Colossal figure

Price: $80.00
Production Run: 504

Halo: Reach
“Evolutions” by Robogabo Green Variant

Price $75.00
Production Run: 100

Star Wars
Chewbacca Character Key

Price: $35.00
Production Run: 750

Tron Legacy
“Recognizer Arrival”

Price: $79.00
Production Run: 82

Source:Comic-Con official site

July 12, 2010