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Epic Neo Geo CD controller comes to PS3

When you talk about classic gaming peripherals, the Neo Geo CD controller may not necessarily come up, but for that niche group of gamers who got sucked into the magical world of SNK's Metal Slug and The King of Fighters, there will never be anything else like it. Or will there?

Coming on the heels of SNK's decision to bringclassic Neo Geo games to the PlayStation Network, the publisher has been working behind the scenes with Sony to develop this officially licensed controller.

Mimicking the classic look of the 1990s gaming era, this wired (awww) controller has the familiar six-button configuration as well as the joystick with eight directional arrows.

Right now the controller is only available in Japan so you'll have to import it, but hopefully SNK will be wise enough to bring it stateside as well. After all, the Neo Geo games are coming here too.

The button layout is designed for fighting games, Neo Geo's bread and butter, but it will work for any of the classic Neo Geo titles...or any PS3 game for that matter, though the odd placement of the L1 and R1 buttons probably wouldn't make it a great replacement for your DualShock 3 collection.

As a reminder, here's the first slate of games for the Neo Geo Station on PS3, scheduled for release on December 21.

* Fatal Fury
* Alpha Mission II
* The King of Fighters ‘94
* Samurai Shodown
* Baseball Stars Professional
* Magician Lord
* Metal Slug
* League Bowling
* Super Sidekicks
* Art of Fighting


Dec 16, 2010