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Elite Forces: Unit 77 review

Why does everyone keep talking about my unit?


  • Breezy
  • plentiful blasting
  • Strategic options increase steadily
  • Nifty background graphics


  • Too-close camera view
  • Tinny gunshot noises
  • Controls could be better

Elite Forces is a tactical shooter that involves a squad of four specialized soldiers (demolitions, sniper, electronics expert, tank) traipsing through the jungle on a mission to annihilate countless cannon-fodder enemies.

The control method is a bit odd (the game is played entirely using the stylus) and you can’t assign different tactics to your squad members – instead you have direct control over one of them while the rest follow obediently, and you can switch between them or split them up as you see fit.

Each soldier has a weapon or skill in one of the aforementioned specialties – a sniper rifle, grenades, a rocket launcher and the ability to see and defuse landmines. Different parts of the missions often require specific skills, so you’ll be assigned the appropriate pair of soldiers to clear out an area or defeat a boss before rejoining the others and continuing to the end.

More Info

DescriptionTactical DS shooter with some quirks (stylus-only control) but good for a quick blast.
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating16+
Release date28 April 2009 (US), 6 March 2009 (UK)