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Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips planning three OGNs in next year

(Image credit: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips)

Writer Ed Brubaker's latest newsletter has revealed more details about the next project he's working on with his longtime collaborator artist Sean Phillips, with whom he has created numerous titles including Criminal, Sleeper, Incognito, Pulp, My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies, Fatale, and more. And though Brubaker hasn't named the project (he says that's coming in his next newsletter) or stated exactly what the plot will be, Brubaker has announced that the story will be told through three original graphic novels publishing over the course of the next year.

(Image credit: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips)

"I mentioned last time I would tell you what Sean and I are working on next in this newsletter... but because we're not quite ready for the official announcement yet, instead I'm just going to tell you what I can," Brubaker states, diving into a list of facts about the story. "It's a series, but it won't be released in single issues. It'll be a series of original graphic novels, each telling a complete story, and starring the same lead character. 

"It's something totally new that I came up with since the pandemic lockdown started, but not inspired by it at all, in fact the opposite."

(Image credit: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips)

"Sean has just turned in page 67, and he's still got about half the first book left to draw, so these are not going to be the novella format of [My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies] or Pulp, they'll be longer," he continues. "We'll be putting out three of these books over the next year, which is something that I don't think has ever been done in comics - three full-length OGNs in one year by the same team. So if you're a longtime reader of ours, you'll actually be getting more 'content' than usual soon."

Along with the information, Brubaker shared some images from the series drawn by Phillips with colors from Jacob Phillips, seen here.

Brubaker didn't announce a title or publisher for this new OGN series.

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