E3 2005: Five years later

Yeah yeah guys, move along. Seen it.

Yuna/Rikku as seen in Final Fantasy X-2.

A li'l KatamariPrince hovering around Namco's booth.

Oh. It's Pac-Man. Hi.

Who's the most relevant character we could get to stand around our booth? One that really speaks to today's kids? Gotta be Gumby.

Link and Zelda, two of many that descend on E3, Comic-Con and PAX each year.

Michael Chiklis takes a break from The Shield to sign posters of the upcoming Pile of Shit (later retitled Fantastic Four). Also pictured: the guy who played Mr Fantastic. I care so little I can't even google "guy who played Mr Fantastic," even though I just typed it here.

G4's giant NES controller captivated all those waiting in line for custom G4 t-shirts. Turns out playing Super Mario Bros is really hard when you're basically 5cm tall.

Can't remember who this Mega Man SUV belonged to (other than maybe Capcom), but it was a great choice to put on car, especially during a time when classic Mega Man was kinda dead.

Truly one of my E3 2005 highlights, watching the Batman Begins Batmobile roll into the hallway and park right under the stairs. Who walked out? Not Christian Bale, not a Batman cosplayer, but a man with a feather duster who then politely cleaned the outside of the car. Lovely.

A close-up look at the Batmobile (Tumbler) details.

In 2005, I attended E3 as a freelancer and had no real agenda. That's why I was standing around ol' Adam Sessler, waiting for a glimpse of his television prowess live, right in front of my eyes. Apparently I caught him right as he wondered "who the hell is this guy pointing a camera at me?"

Sorry Sessler!

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Technically six now, but it was written last year, so there

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