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We've got EU Dreadnought PS4 beta keys to give away - get one and start blowing the hell out of giant spaceships

The headline really says it all, folks. We've got oodles of codes for the spaceship combat game Dreadnought - now in beta on PS4 - and we want you to have 'em. Just fill out the form below and be sent your golden ticket to boomtown. Please note: these codes are only redeemable in the EU region.

If you've not heard of Dreadnought before, here's the skinny. As a feared mercenary fighting across the galaxy for glory and credits, you'll pilot one of 50+ ships in 8v8 battles. Said ships are spread across five categories:  heavy, assault, sniper, support, and scout. Bigger ships deal more damage, but are harder to maneuver. Smaller ships are more agile, but can be vaporized quickly.

Dreadnought's main appeal lies in its simplified, easy-to-understand controls. Instead of having to manage a bunch of systems like you would in a simulator-style game, Dreadnought feels much more like a first-person shooter. And, much like many modern first-person shooters, you'll have loadouts with which you can customize your ships. Watch the trailer and see what I mean:

Now get out there and blow something up.