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Here's how to play Doom even earlier than the beta

Doom is inevitable, but if you want to try it out early, closed alpha sign-ups are open now. Unlike the beta, to which everyone who bought a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order before May 26, 2014 got guaranteed access, this one will be a technical test with just one map and one mode. You do still need a beta code from The New Order to get in, though.

If you have one of those, you can head over to the official site and follow the instructions for your platform of choice to sign up. If and when you're selected for access, you'll be introduced to the new Doom with 6v6 Team Deathmatch on the Heatwave map. It has an industrial theme and an open center flanked by narrow walkways and corridors, so it should support a variety of playstyles beyond the traditional "rip and tear."

The alpha will only include a limited selection of items, but you can turn into a jet-boosting, rocket-launching Revenant, so it's all good. Or, if the other team beats you to the Demon Rune, you can always grab a Gauss Cannon and blast their Revenant's bony keister out of the sky. The standard arsenal will include six weapons and two different pieces of equipment, including the Super Shotgun and the personal teleporter. You can try the whole lot - which is already sounding much more appealing than Call of Doom - when Doom is released in spring 2016.

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