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Dishonored bone charm locations guide

Mission 7: The Flooded District

Bone Charm 7-1

Once the mission starts and you escape, you will have the option of going after your gear. If you do, near the marker that leads to the Greaves Refinery, there will be a building on the left surrounded by weepers. Blink up to the rear window and grab the bone charm off the fireplace mantle.

Bone Charm 7-2

After operating the stairs in the refinery by filling a container with whale oil, ascend them and you will need to go around the building, across a broken grating. Drop off on to the broken grating and the bone charm will be there.

Bone Charm 7-3

When you are going to get Daud’s key in his hideout, sneak up on him and pick his pocket to get this bone charm.

Bone Charm 7-4

When you enter Rudshore Central, outside of the Assassin’s Hideout, you can follow the waterway to the right all the way to the end to find this bone charm in front of a gate and next to a corpse.

Bone Charm 7-5

As soon as you enter the Gateword Tunnel, go to the right as you exit and the bone charm will be atop a rock on the left side of the water.

Bone Charm 7-6

When you are in Old Port District, on your way to the sewer entrance, go to the right and make your way around the corner. On the left will be a building with an open door. Follow the corridor up to the room with slanted beams. Crawl under them to find a bone charm there.

Bone Charm 7-7

When you enter the sewer tunnels, make an immediate left over the gate there and continue along the lower level. Smash through the boards and you will come to a room on the left side with a safe. You can read the note there along with the book to find that the combination is 528. Inside will be another bone charm.

Bone Charm 7-8

In one of the last areas of the sewers, where the River Krusts are and water fills the floor, you can find the final bone charm behind bars to the right of the area under water.