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Destiny 2 fan realizes their Echo Dot is basically an IRL Ghost and takes the next logical step

We don't have the technology to create a Destiny 2 Ghost yet, your own personal assistant who floats beside you and spouts off sarcastic comments when you're feeling a bit too Silent Protagonist-y to make them yourself. But one Reddit user took the initiative to make Amazon Echo Dot, the AI assistant that they already have in real life, far more Ghostly with a clever 3D printed shell. Now Amazon just needs to put out a Nolan North Echo voice pack and the transformation will be complete.

It's a two-piece design that cradles the Dot inside, with the controls and glowing ring facing outward. You can even pretend the light-up ring is your Ghost's eye. The first version of the Ghost is all white, but creator Blostafarian says they'll add some color once they start playing Destiny 2 and decide on their favorite shell design.

I'm hoping this sets off an avalanche of Destiny-themed everyday object cosplay. I mean, if it wasn't completely impractical to carry a giant pointy cube thing around in my pocket, I'd want a Ghost Shell for a phone case too. Anything that I can talk to, really. Maybe a Ghost helmet for my cat? And the little floating balls o' light work great as candle holders.

While I consider more things that I could potentially affix Ghost-like hunks of plastic to, make sure you read our Destiny 2 review in progress and check out some of the changes that Bungie is making from the Destiny 2 beta.

Connor Sheridan

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