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Dead Space remake reportedly targeting 2022 release date

Dead Space remake
(Image credit: EA)

The Dead Space remake is apparently targeting a 2022 release window.

Yesterday on August 5, Venture Beat published a new report delving into the upcoming remake from EA Motive. According to several sources familiar with the development process of the Dead Space remake, the horror reboot is currently scheduled to launch in Fall 2022.

That is, of course, is all goes to plan. It goes without saying that the last year has been particularly turbulent for developers around the world, adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, and by no means are we in a "post-pandemic world" just yet, meaning development at the Montreal studio could undoubtedly still be impacted by the virus.

Elsewhere in the new report from Venture Beat, it's claimed that EA plans to unveil more about the forthcoming Dead Space remake before the end of 2021. That's surely welcome news for those looking forward to the remake from EA Motive, because as of right now, all we've seen of the remake is a very brief teaser trailer, which showcased a necromorph and protagonist Isaac Clarke for a split second in a reveal trailer last month.

However, some additional developments about the remake have since come to light. For one, an Assassin's Creed veteran of 15 years is helming the remake in the directorial role, and EA Motive has actually got one former Visceral Games developer as a consultant on the remake. Additionally, the game also won't feature any loading screens or microtransactions, and might even feature sections cut from the original game due to technical constraints.

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