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Dead Rising 3 has a four-piece season pass for $30

Dead Rising 3 will live on after launch in four separate DLC packs, Capcom announced today. The "untold stories of Los Perdidos" will open up to players starting in late December.

The first pack is titled Operation Broken Eagle, from there we head into Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising, and finally The Last Agent. Each is available for $10 individually or as part of the $30 season pass.

The pass also comes with the Nick Ramos Tribute Pack, which includes a custom zombie-slaying muscle car and a battle-hardened Nick costume.

Capcom also released this brief trailer today, which reminds us how Dead Rising's ridiculous costumes, zombies, and gore made it the ultimate Halloween series all along--even without pumpkins. Though to be clear, the trailer does have pumpkins. Weaponized pumpkins.

Connor Sheridan
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