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Dead By Daylight is getting a Hellraiser crossover

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Dead By Daylight is getting a Hellraiser crossover event in-game soon. 

Announced via the official Dead By Daylight Twitter account, classic horror film Hellraiser will be joining the multiplayer horror game soon. This news comes after the game’s developer Behavior spent the last couple of weeks teasing the next crossover event on its social channels. 

Fans of Dead By Daylight are incredibly savvy when it comes to guessing announcements before they happen, with many correctly suggesting that the crossover being teased was Hellraiser. There were also a few fans theorizing that due to the static TV set featured in the teaser trailer that it could potentially be a Five Nights at Freddie crossover, however as we now know this didn’t end up being the case.  

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It hasn’t yet been revealed what elements of Hellraiser will be making their way into the game, however, it makes sense for the 1987 film’s main villain Pinhead the Cenobite to act as the killer in the game. It’s also not been disclosed yet if this crossover is strictly for a new killer or if we can expect a themed map and survivors too.  

Unfortunately, as Dead by Daylight welcomes a new crossover it also has to say goodbye to another. As it was revealed yesterday, the Stranger Things crossover - which contains maps based on Hawkins, survivors Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan, and a Demogorgon killer - will all be removed from the game on November 17, 2021. Those who already own the Stranger Things characters will still be able to use them in the game, however, after that date, they will no longer be available to purchase and the Hawkins map will disappear. 

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