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Darksiders Abyssal Armor and weapons guide

Weapon enhancements are power-ups that can be applied to War's weapons: Chaoseater (sword,) Scythe, and Tremor Gauntlet. Each weapon has one enhancement slot, and enhancements can be swapped at any time. There are 8 standard enhancements and 4 Legendary enhancements, as detailed below.

Weapon Master

Location: Vulgrim's shop
Requires: 1000 souls
Slotted Effect: Damage boost
Passive Effect: n/a


Location: Vulgrim's shop
Requires: 5,000 souls
Slotted Effect: Generates Wrath over time
Passive Effect: n/a

Combat Lore

Location: Vulgrim's shop
Requires: 1000 souls
Slotted Effect: Extra weapon experience
Passive Effect: Boosts armor level

Note: Combat Lore can also be won by besting Ulthane in the "pigeon plucking" contest in Anvil's Ford


Location: Choking Grounds
Requires: Free the Tormented Gatekeeper by defeating all Shadow Challenges, no chest-hunting required!
Slotted effect: Guaranteed souls for destroying environmental objects
Passive effect: Damage bonus with environmental weapons


Location: Twilight Cathedral
Requires: Crossblade
Slotted effect: Converts weapon damage into health
Passive effect: n/a


Location: The Hollows
Requires: find the chest
Slotted Effect: More souls from slain enemies, extra bonus when applied to Scythe
Passive Effect: n/a


Location: The Crossroads
Requires: Tremor Gauntlet
Slotted effect: Weapon damage bonus, potential fire damage
Passive effect: n/a


Location: Dry Road
Requires: Crossblade, Shadowglide
Slotted effect: Boosts chaos collection
Passive effect: n/a

War’s Glory (Legendary)

Location: Iron Canopy
Requires: Abyssal Chain
Slotted effect: Boosts Chaos bonus and weapon experience
Passive effect: Longer duration for Chaos Form

Strife’s Offering (Legendary)

Location: The Ashlands
Requires: Abyssal Chain
Slotted effect: Weapon damage bonus, killing blows give extra Wrath and Chaos
Passive effect: Projectile weapon damage bonus, projectile defense bonus

Fury’s Embrace (Legendary)

Location: The Black Throne
Requires: Voidwalker
Slotted effect: Leeches Wrath on every strike
Passive effect: Boosts damage from Wrath powers, reveals all world maps and items, Wrath boost on killing blows

Death’s Blessing (Legendary)

Location: Scalding Gallow (Dry Road)
Requires: Voidwalker
Slotted effect: Increased weapon damage, weapon damage converted to health, boosts souls. Added soul bonus when slotted to the Scythe
Passive effect: n/a

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Jan 6, 2010