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Cyber Monday PS5 deals: will there be stock and what else will be on offer in 2021?

Cyber Monday PS5 deals
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Cyber Monday PS5 deals are going to be incredibly sought-after and could be one of the last chances of the year to bag Sony's next-gen console. You'd certainly be forgiven for thinking that the sale might just be a continuation of the Black Friday PS5 deals from a few days before, but we're confident there will be enough fresh offers to make it worth your while.

Better yet though, let us do the legwork for you as we'll be rounding up the very best offers from the best stores. Yes, PS5 restocks will be thin on the ground, but Cyber Monday has proved time and again to be a great day for offers on the latest headsets, the best gaming TVs, and accessories. And seeing as some of the best PS5 headsets finally have a bit of time under their belts, we're primed for big discounts.

Likewise, expect to see some of those prices tumble on pricer launch games and maybe a few bucks off some of the more modern releases. With any luck, Sony will have rolled full SSD support out to all players by then (it's only on beta tester's PS5s at the moment) and we'll see some of the best PS5 SSD picks get those massive prices cut to something a bit more affordable. If not, you might be better posed taking a look at our best PS5 external hard drive guide to free up some space. Before we get into what stores will be ones to watch on Cyber Monday itself, here's a quick rundown of retailers you should be checking as often as possible if you still need a PS5. 

Where can you find the best Cyber Monday PS5 deals?

You're already in the best place to find the Cyber Monday PS5 deals on the day itself. We'll be updating this page throughout the big sale with the latest stock sightings of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. Stock will be scarce on consoles, but we're expecting Cyber Monday to really shine on accessories, games, and -fingers crossed- some PS5 SSDs.

expect some of the day's finest discounts
Best Buy: headsets and storage deals usually stand out here
Walmart: big discounts on some of the year's hottest games again?
Newegg: we're hoping for some discounted PS5 SSD options
CDKeys: PS Plus and PSN top-ups should feature

we're expecting some of the cheapest deals for all things PS5
Very: could be a contender for surprise console stock
CDKeys: PS Plus subs, PSN wallet top-ups, and maybe some games too
Argos: often saves some of its best deals for this time
Currys: one to watch for gaming and electronics in general

When will Cyber Monday PS5 deals begin?

Cyber Monday officially kicks off on Monday, November 29. You'll want to be ready days before that though of course as there will be plenty of deals over Black Friday too.

Many retailers won't be able to resist going even earlier though, so it's well worth checking in on them throughout the week before Cyber Monday to see what's happening. Many deals will have limited stock, so deals that were intended to run through Cyber Monday, might be gone beforehand. 

While many remaining Black Friday deals linger a few extra days, we do often see Cyber Monday ones get shut off at midnight as we head into the Tuesday, so it really does feel like the last chance with some items.

Should I wait until Cyber Monday to buy a PS5?

No way. If you see PS5 units in stock before Cyber Monday you should buy one immediately. The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have been incredibly hard to find all year, selling out in minutes (sometimes seconds) when they appear.

Of course, don't pay over the normal price unless you're getting bundled items. Some PS5 bundles are really expensive though as profit-margin chasing retailers add extra games, accessories, and bits of tat you would never usually buy in order to jack up the basket total.

You won't get stung with buyer's remorse by buying a PS5 before Cyber Monday as we're not expecting any discounts at all on the console or bundles on November 29. Standalone games and accessories on the other hand should get some great deals.

How much will the PS5 cost on Cyber Monday?

We're not expecting any discounts for the PS5 on Cyber Monday. Quite simply, it will sell out within minutes whenever it appears, so there's no point in retailers discounting them. One thing you want to be on the lookout for when stock appears is overpriced units.

The standard PS5 should be no more than $499/£449 and the PS5 Digital Edition is $399/£359. Higher prices are only acceptable if you're getting extra items like games and accessories. Do be sure to add those items up separately to make sure you're not praying over their usual prices. PS5 bundles are quite likely to make appearances as retailers will be keen to boost their slim profit margins on the consoles.

Cyber Monday PS5 deals - games

If there's one thing you can always count on during the sales season, it's game offers. The previous Cyber Monday PS5 deals we're better than we expected to be honest given how new the console was. We've listed a few highlights from last year below to give you an idea of what sort of offers to expect.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PS5) | $60 $49.94 at Amazon US / £65 £49.99 at Amazon UK
This was our favorite deal on such a new game too. given the game would have been snapped up at full price, we're still not sure why it was discounted so early, especially as the game is great. Even better, it's even cheaper nowadays than the price mentioned above if you take a look. 

Marvel's Avengers (PS4)

Marvel's Avengers (PS4, with free upgrade in 2021) | $60 $24.99 at Amazon US / £50 £26.99 at Amazon UK
This was a decent cut too not long after release and while the PS5 upgrade was free, it did take quite a while to happen in 2021. With a new Black Panther expansion, the game is proving it still has legs too.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, with free upgrade in 2021) | $59.99 $49.94 at Amazon / £49.99 at Amazon UK
Ok, so the free PS5-upgrade still hasn't happened and may indeed slip to 2022, and the PS4 launch was a mess, but it's been patched up a lot since. Even so, we're tempted to hold out for the full PS5 release. This was a great price so close to launch though.

Cyber Monday PS5 deals - TV

If you have Sony's new console or are hoping to pick one up in the PS5 Cyber Monday sales then you really should consider grabbing a good-looking TV to display your games on. Our best TV for PS5 guide is packed with quality sets and many of them received big price cuts last year and we expect the new 2021 Samsung and LG models to get involved this year too.  Here are some of the best deals from the last time around.

PS5 TV deals - USA

Sony X800H 4K 75-inch TV
Top deal

Sony 75-inch X800H 4K TV | $1,399 $999.99 at Best Buy
This was one of the best Cyber Monday deals full-stop. Even a cursory look above will tell you that. 75-inch TVs, let alone ones from Sony, don't come around for under $1000 all that often. This'll be perfect for the main room in your house and for 4K gaming and films alike.


Hisense 43-inch H65 Series 4K TV | $500 $259.99 at Walmart
This is an incredible deal on a high-quality Hisense screen. With more than half off here, the bang to buck ratio is excellent and this is perfect for an extra screen for the home.

Samsung 43

Samsung 43-inch 7 Series 4K TV | $280 $267.99 at Best Buy
You don't have to spend big bucks to get a really nice 4K TV nowadays as they've become very affordable. Sure you're not getting 120Hz, but your PS5 games and streaming content will still look great on this Samsung TV.


Samsung 75-inch RU9000 4K TV | $1,400 $997.99 at Best Buy
One of the top ranges just below the QLEDs that are Samsung's most premium screens, the RU9000 is a great series of TV. And getting a wall-filling 75-inch one for below the four-figure mark was a great deal.

LG 55-inch OLED55CX5LB

LG 55-inch OLED55CXPUA 4K TV | $2,000 $1,396.99 at Amazon
Originally costing $2,000 upon release, this is the best price we've ever seen on the 55-inch OLED CX. A TV of this caliber at such a low price is a rare sight for sure. It's consistently rated as one of the best gaming TVs around thanks to it being capable of displaying 4K at 120Hz. A new LG OLED C1 model has been released since, so prices could really drop for Cyber Monday 2021.

PS5 TV deals - UK

LG 50-inch NanoCell 4K TV

LG 50-inch NanoCell 4K TV | £600 £479 at Amazon UK
LG make great Smart TVs, and as well as featuring their award-winning webOS smart platform, you also get LG's NanoCell technology, bringing your display to life with pure and realistic colours. LGs will be a big hit this year again for sure.

Hisense 55-inch Quantum Series ULED 4K T

Hisense 55-inch Quantum Series ULED 4K TV | £899 £549 at Amazon UK
Hisense's own premium 4K TVs, their ULED range, is a great option for premium panels without the price tags, and this was an even better demonstration of that with £350 coming off the price of this 55-incher.

Samsung 55-inch QLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Samsung 55-inch QLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV| £799 £699 at John Lewis
This QLED TV was perfect for those wanting to be next-gen and this deal actually went live ahead of Cyber Monday. Samsung's version of OLED carries with it rich, quality pictures and, with John Lewis, you get a 5-year guarantee too.


LG 65-inch OLED65CX OLED 4K TV | £1,799 at John Lewis
It's the LG TV that everyone was talking about last year as it's a superb pick to go with the new PS5 or Xbox Series X thanks to its gorgeous display that runs games at 120Hz too. The 55-inch one has hogged most of the deal news lately, but this is the best price we've seen on the 65-inch model. Plus, John Lewis added a free five-year warranty to it.

Cyber Monday PS5 deals - accessories

Looking to get some accessories to go with your PS5? Cyber Monday is a great time to be looking. The Cyber Monday PS5 deals should come up with some great discounts for PS Plus, headsets, and more. Check out our favorite picks from last year below.

12-month USA PS Plus subscription

12-month PS Plus subscription (US) | $59.99 $31.99 at CDKeys
CDKeys can always be relied on for good deals, but this was better than expected. This was a massive 50% off a full year of PS Plus. And remember, it can be stacked on top of your existing membership and you'll get 20 games at launch for PS5 via the PlayStation Plus Collection. In the UK Amazon UK had it for £37.49.

Seagate 2TB

Seagate 2TB Portable External HDD (PS4) | $85 $75 at Walmart / £80 £68.58 at Amazon UK
Storage deals are some of our most sought-after offers around Cyber Monday and this was a banger. The PS5 has since had a patch that allows you to store PS5 games on external drives, which is much better than having to redownload them.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition 7.1

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition | $99.99 $54.99 at Amazon US
One of our favorite headsets of recent years, this was an amazing deal on the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition. Best on PC but compatible with every other platform, this is a light, comfortable headset that'll keep you playing for hours without distraction.

Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II | $100 $79 at Amazon US / £79 £58.99 at Currys
The successor to HyperX's famous Cloud Alpha headset, the Cloud II is a great headset for those who are looking to find themselves something safely under the $100 price bracket. An easy hit, and one you absolutely won't regret picking up if this great price returns in this year's PS5 Cyber Monday deals.

PS5 DualSense Controller Charger

PS5 DualSense Controller Charger| $17.89 at Amazon US
The official sony charging station was incredibly hard to find last year, but we weren't fussed when third-party options were this affordable.

DualSense deals

The brand-new DualSense controller is something of a technological marvel thanks to its haptic feedback; it allows you to feel every bullet fired from a gun or the gravel beneath your car's wheels. Discounts were few and far between last year, but we're optimistic now it's been around longer.

This year's PS5 Cyber Monday deals may also benefit from discounts on the two new colors that have been released since too in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. Check out today's best prices below.

PS5 remote

If you're going to be using your PS5 for general media apps like Amazon Prime or Netflix, this is a good buy - it'll make the process much easier, especially for those who aren't familiar with the DualSense controller or gaming in general.

Our bargain-hunting software will bring you the top offers in the PS5 Cyber Monday deals (and today!) in the comparison chart below.

PS5 HD camera

The perfect choice for any streamers on the PlayStation 5. Besides videoing you in crisp HD, it is also able to cut out the background around you for something a little more interesting. Which is very cool, obviously - it's a bit like a greenscreen. This is far from an essential accessory in all honesty though, which is why it might be worth waiting until the Cyber Monday PS5 deals kick off as you might get a discount.

Want more offers? You can see some last-gen discounts via our guide to the most tempting Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals. And whether you need something for work or play (or both), our Cyber Monday laptop deals guide has your back.

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