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Curiosity winner will help shape Godus, receive some profits

The world's Curiosity was sated over the weekend. The mysterious cube-tapping app from Peter Molyneux's 22cans studio concluded with, as promised, just one person entitled to the "life-changing" secret contained within the multilayered box.

That person was 18-year-old Edinburgh, Scotland resident Bryan Henderson. He'd just downloaded Curiosity an hour before winning, he told Wired.

Now he'll have some kind of significant impact on the morals and lives of players of Godus, Molyneux revealed in the video Henderson received (the benevolent teen god agreed to share it with the rest of the internet). He'll also receive a small cut of Godus' profits.

What would've been inside the cube if Godus' Kickstarter failed? Maybe a video of Molyneux crying, or asking for money? The world will never know.

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