Could Kevin McKidd be Thor?

While he’s been rumoured as linked to the lead role in comic book adaptation Thor for a while now, Kevin McKidd has confirmed that he’s been in discussions with director Kenneth Branagh for the role.

Don’t go building your shrine/planning to kneecap the bloke just yet. While he tells IGN that there has been “a lot of back and forth” between his reps and Marvel, nothing has been determined.

But on the positive news front, he also offered yet more confirmation that Branagh is indeed the man for the director’s chair.

Younger actor

Previously, McKidd has hinted that a younger actor might be snatching the role, but it now looks like he’s at least on a short list.

He could definitely wield the Hammer, but is he the right choice? We’re not 100% convinced.

[Source: IGN ]