Cosplay extravaganza!

GamesMaster UK’s experience

There are some World Records it’d be great fun to break. The longest time spent in bed playing videogames with your mom topping up your Coke and bucket of popcorn on request. The biggest collection of videogames, all sent to you for free by games companies in edible jiffy bags with sweets at the bottom and each hand-delivered by a puppy, who’s also yours to keep. All great ideas for World Records, but not actually as good as those covered in the brand new Guinness Book of World Records Gamers Edition! Best-selling coin-operated fighting game of all time? Street Fighter II. Number of combinations of sound effects in Colin McRae DiRT? 1,005,772,154, 467,879,035,136. Best-selling videogame theme song in Japan? Kingdom Hearts. They’re all there!

The best thing about the brand new Guinness Book of World Records Gamers Edition was that the other day, they decided to set a brand new World Record, 'The Largest Gathering of Games Characters', by seeing how many cosplayers dressed up as all your favorite gaming characters they could gather on the slightly wobbly Millennium Bridge over the river Thames in London. And guess who was inside the rather-sweaty Crash Bandicoot costume? GamesMaster!

Three so far!
Oi! Sonic! Three mascots isn’t bad, but it’s hardly the greatest world record ever. Let’s go and make some more friends!

Making friends
Come here, Spyro! Gizza hug! We’re all in this together!

Crash test dummy!
When we heard there was some record breaking to be done, we did two things: 1) call for top Nuts man and friend of the stars Rich Pelley and 2) get a Crash Bandicoot costume. We’re now wondering if it might have worked better the other way round.

Hey, pedestrians! Get out of the way. There’s a World Record attempt going on here! Now, where did everybody else go?

Bonus Questions: Where do you get a Crash Bandicoot suit from? How do you get into one? And are you sure you can breathe in there?

Anyone in need of a pumber?
With this many Marios, you have to wonder what’s happened to all the Luigis!

Roll call!
Lara Croft? Here. A gaggle of Marios? Here. Ulala from Space Channel Five? Here. Oi! Stop shoving at the back!

We’re record breakers!
We did it! The official World Record for the largest gathering of games characters stands at 80! A man from The Guinness Book of World Records gave us a plaque to prove it.

Phew! Can we go home now?
Tiring work, all this world record breaking! Plus, it’s about a zillion degrees in here. We need a lie-down...