Cosplay extravaganza!

GamesRadar sister mags in the UK, NGamer and GamesMaster, each caught sightings of truly dedicated gaming fans, and each emerged to tell the tale of a world-record setting gathering, perhaps without full dignity intact.

NGamer UK’s encounter

Faceless suits shuffle along the south bank of the Thames, hurrying to their workplaces to get out of the cold. Their progress is cut short by 20 mini Marios followed by a steady procession of Pac-Man ghosts, exquisitely molded Final Fantasy hairdos and a couple of those hideous things from Boogie. Has a bizarre rift opened between reality and the gaming world or were they just arriving to set the world record for the largest meeting of gaming characters? It was the latter. NGamer was on hand to pester them...

Apollo Justice, aka Jenny from Oxford

So we have a keen Justice importer. Yeah, I’m playing it at the moment.

Is Justice your favorite Wright character? No, that would be Edgeworth, but I’ve done him before.

How did you put together an Edgeworth costume? We’d planned to go as him but couldn’t find a pink suit anywhere. I just dyed a white suit red.

And is this costume hand-made? I made the waistcoat and the badge is molded out of Fimo.

So it’s a fake badge? A bit like the imposter in case three of Trials and Tribulations. (Apollo Justice nods politely and edges away slowly.)

Saria, aka Lulie from Oxford

So, why come as Saira then? Any excuse to play an ocarina, really.

Didn’t fancy yourself as a Link? Well, I did order a Link tunic, but it didn’t arrive in time.

Ahh. First time cosplaying? No, this is actually my third time.

Is this your first Nintendo cosplay? No, I went as Pokeball before. I had to spray paint an exercise ball.

Above: Ready for this year's Harvest

Shyguy, aka Charlotte from Newport

Did you travel here in costume today? No!

Why did you pick Shyguy? Well, he’s very easy to do. Plus they’re really cute in Yoshi’s Story.

Sounds logical. Have you cosplayed before? I’ve dressed as a Black Mage from Final Fantasy.

How did you make your costume today? Erm, I adapted the Black Mage costume. I made the costume last year for the Mario Galaxy launch in Cardiff. (Missing eyeholes, she is promptly guided away by Lara Croft.)

NiGHTS, aka Lynne from Edinburgh

Did you come all that way in costume? I spent the night in the SEGA UK office so luckily I didn’t have to attempt to actually board an aircraft wearing this thing.

How did you hear about the event? I was contacted by SEGA. We were up for doing a bit of promo work for SEGA Superstars Tennis and Journey of Dreams. They flew me and my fiance DiGi all the way to London!

Not too shabby! Has the costume been used before? I made it for Scotland’s first ever anime convention, Auchinawa, back in 2006. I even won an award for my work. I was well chuffed.

Clearly a big NiGHTS fan, what did you make of Journey of Dreams? I’m the mother of all NiGHTS fans! I’ve been the admin of the fanbasefor years now. JoD was a nice little game, but it can’t replace the nostalgia I have for the original. JoD has some nice moments and a magic of its own.

And finally: NiGHTS, is it a girl or a boy? Both. NiGHTS is ‘genderful’. That’s a good thing.