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Club Nintendo updates with 350-coin hand towels

Greatnews for Nintendo fanboys withdirty hands - the newest additions to Nintendo's loyalty program gift catalog include three very snazzy little hand towels, perfect for wiping away the sweat on your brow after a strenuous bout of New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Seriously, that game gets intense.

For the uninitiated, Nintendo inserts little cards in every first-party Wii and DS game. Each card has a unique code and if you create a profile, you can enter the codes to earn points. Points are then redeemable for prizes, ranging from downloadable wallpapers to exclusive games.

And now, there are hand towels - these Mario-themed cloths are perfect for your everydayhand drying needs. At 350 coins each, you'll have to register more than a dozen games to get one, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Dec 2, 2010